Abbott Bans Vaccine Mandates!

Originally trying to ban mask mandates, that order got struck down. Whether this new executive order will stick or not. Only time will tell.


I'm Lawyer Alexandria Serra (@alexandriaserra on Instagram) and this week's Lawyer Talk Thursday is a bit different. Looking to have some fun, this week's video is a behind the scenes blooper reel. Watch for a laugh!


Back to legal topics, today I'm discussing Greg Abbott's latest executive order banning vaccine mandates.


What to know:

On September 28, 2021, Abbott extended the Disaster Declaration in Texas for another month. By doing so, he also extended his ability to issue sweeping executive orders of this nature. The Disaster Declaration is revisited every 30 days and must be extended to remain in effect.


Effective immediately, no private entity in Texas can make you get a COVID-19 vaccine if you object to the vaccine:


  1. For any reason of personal conscience;
  2. Based on a religious belief; or
  3. For medical reasons.


He suspended all statutes that say otherwise.

Maximum fine for violating this order is $1,000. There is no risk of jail time.

If you’re wondering how he can do it, it’s because we are still in a state of disaster. Got any questions? Feel free to email me at: