Remove Old Cases From Your Background Check

Remove Old Cases From Your Background Check

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You don't want to get stuck in a job interview trying to explain an old case that shouldn't be on your record. Whether your case was dismissed or you completed deferred probation, that arrest will stay on your record unless you do something about it. Attorney Alexandria Serra can help you expunge your record in El Paso, TX.

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Wondering how your record affects your life?

Criminal records can have lasting effects on your life. If you have a dismissed case lingering on your record, it could:

  • Limit your housing options
  • Make retaining a job more difficult
  • Prevent you from getting a concealed handgun license, a nursing certification or even volunteering at your child's school

A clear criminal record means you don't have to worry about passing a background check. Contact an attorney now if you need to expunge your criminal record.