Getting Caught With Weed Shouldn't Derail Your Life

Getting Caught With Weed Shouldn't Derail Your Life

Retain a drug possession attorney in El Paso, TX

If you're stuck dealing with minor drug charges, you'll want an experienced attorney at your side. Serra Law, PLLC has the marijuana possession attorney you need in El Paso, TX. Attorney Alexandria Serra takes on drug cases like possession or marijuana, edibles, THC (cartridge or wax) or small amounts of cocaine. She represents both juveniles and adults.

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What affects drug penalties

Drug charges can come with steep penalties. Depending on the class of your charge, you could face expensive fines and years in jail. A few of the things that affect these penalties are:

  • The amount of the drug present
  • Whether there's intent to distribute
  • The kind of drug in your possession

A drug possession attorney can help you understand the full scope of the charges you're facing and determine how to proceed with your situation.

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