New Mexico Offers Free College Tuition to Residents

Did somebody say free college?!!  
New Mexico for the win again! In March, its governor signed a law giving free college tuition to New Mexico residents! 
How do you qualify?  
1. Reside in New Mexico for the 12 consecutive months before you go to school.  
Only persons who are financially independent may establish residency apart from their parents. So, if your child is on your tax return as a dependent, the state looks to you for residency purposes.  
2. If you're moving to New Mexico for that purpose, you have to relinquish your rights to residency in your former state.  
You may have to prove your residency and relinquishment.   

3. Apply to a New Mexico public college or university, fill out your FAFSA and take at least 6 hours.  
The benefit applies to part-time or full-time students.  
You DO NOT have to fill out a separate application to be considered for free tuition! 
The free tuition can apply to certificate programs, associate's degrees, and bachelor's degrees at New Mexico's 29 public colleges and universities. 

Adult and non-traditional students (e.g., going back to school after a break) are also eligible.  
Too good to be true? What do you think?