Think you’re up to date on all the new laws in Texas?

Pop quiz: there are 666 new laws in Texas, what are they?


I’m Lawyer Alexandria Serra, this is Lawyer Talk Thursday (catch it every week on Instagram @alexandriaserra), and I’m going over some of the new laws here in Texas.


The new laws took effect on September 1st. At least one of them will impact your life.


The New Laws


  1. “Constitutional Carry” is now law. Texans over the age of 21 can carry a handgun, concealed or open, without a license. No training or background check required to carry a handgun in public, but background checks are still required when purchasing a firearm from a licensed dealer. No felons though. Many people previously convicted of unlawful carry will now be eligible to clear it from their record.


  1. Right to Choose is severely restricted. As soon as a fetal heartbeat is detected, a woman’s right to choose in Texas is eliminated. That could be as early as 5 weeks after a missed period. Victims of sexual assault or incest are not exempt.


  1. Police officers must now wear body cams. Police officers used to be allowed to turn off their cameras if they were in a non-confrontational encounter with a person. Now, police must record any part of any investigation.


  1. Beer and Wine Sales on Sunday from 10am to midnight, but the sale of liquor is still prohibited.


  1. Churches can’t be closed, even during a public health crisis.


  1. Medical marijuana laws expanded. More veterans who suffer from PTSD, cancer patients, and others with certain medical conditions will now have access to medical cannabis ... but it can’t have more than 1% THC.


  1. Protestors may face felony charges. Blocking roadways when an emergency vehicle (like a cop car, ambulance, or fire truck) needs through, used to be a Class B misdemeanor. It’s now a felony.


  1. Alcohol to go becomes permanent. During COVID, Abbott temporarily waived certain alcohol- related regulations. Now it’s law. Beer, wine, and mixed drinks can be included in food orders for pick-up and delivery.


  1. Vaccine passports are illegal. No business can require customers to provide proof of vaccination. If they do, the business will be barred from receiving state contracts or grants.


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