Your Texas Drivers License

Driving in Texas with a Mexican license? Just moved here from New Mexico?
How many points will you get for a ticket?

I’m Lawyer Alexandria Serra, this is Lawyer Talk Thursday (catch it every week on Instagram @alexandriaserra), and this week, I'm discussing the top things you should know about your Texas driver's license.

What to know:

1. There are no more points in Texas.

In case you missed it, in 2019, our points system was repealed. That means no points or surcharges for your class C drivers. If you get too many of a certain type of ticket though, your license can be suspended.

2. If your license is suspended, you can get it back, and you can drive in the meantime.

If you’re on suspension, you can get an occupational license until your suspension period expires or you get the holds off your license. An ODL allows you to drive to work, school, and run errands!

3. If you are an immigrant VISA holder, you’re eligible for a US driver’s license.

If you’re lawfully present in Texas, you can get a driver's license for your whole stay. If you don’t, you may be ticketed. A Mexican driver’s license doesn’t fly in Texas. Having a New Mexico license, however, does, as long as you don’t live here. Otherwise, get a Texas license or risk a ticket.

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